Community Profiles: Cape Elizabeth

The prestigious community of Cape Elizabeth, Maine is located south of Portland Maine, just off Ocean House road. Cape Elizabeth Maine real estate offers some wonderful properties in a scenic community that is adored by many. If you are thinking about moving, or looking for a summerhouse within the Portland area, then consider Cape Elizabeth, Maine and Portland, Maine real estate. Cape Elizabeth, Maine offers fantastic plots of land that are perfect for local real estate development.

The community is home to the Crescent Beach, Fort Williams and Two Lights State Park; a very inviting feature of Cape Elizabeth real estate which provides residents with an abundance of outdoor recreational options and enchantingly enjoyable natural surroundings.

Crescent Beach is Maine's highest ranking beach and is a popular destination for visitors and owners of real estate in Cape Elizabeth. This area of Maine offers local schools that are highly acclaimed, and the numerous services and activities provided by local organizations keep this town's sense of community healthy, strong and passionate.

The heavily wooded and hilly landscape of real estate in Cape Elizabeth is a great complement to the rivers that wind their way though the community. Most of the homes for sale in Cape Elizabeth are enveloped by picturesque surroundings. If you are considering purchasing real estate in Cape Elizabeth, Maine Harper Lee Collins can answer all your questions about this community and the Portland, Maine real estate area.

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