Buyers: First Time Home Buyers

For most people buying a home is the biggest financial commitment that they will ever make. For four years I have taught a hoMEworks approved Homebuyer Education Class for the Maine State Housing Authority.

I understand that the complexities of purchasing a home can seem overwhelming, and I am able to break the process down to many smaller, more comfortable steps for first time home buyers.

When buying your first home, there are essentially five basic events: Financing, Property Search, Offer to Purchase, Property Evaluation, Purchase.

  • Financing

I have developed resources and strategies to assist first time home buyers to secure a mortgage loan. My own network of tried and true financial professionals are people that are excited about what they do, are available, and sincerely want to help you buy your home. This step helps us to select the properties that will fit your budget.

  • Property Search

When you have your real estate financing in place, we will start looking for that perfect piece of real estate to call home! Whether you are interested in a single family residence, condo, or perhaps an owner occupied multifamily building, my familiarity with the housing stock in Southern Maine, and knowledge of the Southern Maine real estate market will narrow our search and bring us to the perfect property for you.

  • Purchase Offer

Now that you have found the perfect property, I will guide you in making a competitive offer to the seller. No one wants to pay too much for a property. For every offer that I make for a client, I back up the offer price with extensive research so my clients know when they are making a good “business” decision. I will explain the many parts of the purchase and sale process so that the details of the transaction are transparent and understandable to you - the buyer.

  • Property Evaluation

Once you are under contract to purchase the property, there is a lot of work to do! Inspections are one of my favorite parts of the process of purchasing a home. They allow the home buyer to investigate and determine what they are actually purchasing. Again, my resources will be available for you to use. I have a trusted list of property inspectors, contractors and other professionals that you may need to determine if what you are purchasing is actually what you plan to purchase. At this stage, sometime surprises are welcome, and sometimes they provide new facts that must be considered and factored into the purchase agreement. My goal is to give you the most complete set of information in order to make an informed decision on your home purchase.

  • Purchase

Finally, I will guide you through the closing process. Attention to detail and deadlines are very important! No one appreciates “drama and trauma” at the closing table. I will do everything I can in order to ensure a smooth, and happy closing.

Congratulations, you're a home owner!

You can count on me to be an important resource for information and support as you purchase a part of the American Dream - and more important - available to you at all steps in the process. I remember the first home that I personally purchased with my husband many years ago, it is an experience I take pride in sharing.